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Do you want to own a unique T-shirt that only Josip Ilićić has besides you? Participate in the auction and help those in need who are less fortunate.
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15. avgusta 2021 23:59

Časovni pas: Europe/Ljubljana


Naj “May your Dreams Come True” Foundation, we have designed a fundraising campaign to pay for training exercises for children who cannot afford but would like to follow their dreams. Josip Iličić has joined us as a passionate supporter, with this unique personally signed T-shirt. This is an exclusive edition: the T-shirt is printed ONLY in TWO copies. One is owned by our football virtuoso and the other is waiting for the auctioneer with the highest asking price. The auction will take place between May 7th (2021) to August 15th (2021) midnight. Anyone who would like own this original T-shirt is invited to participate in this extraordinary event. When we Help, we Help together!

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